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How to install a chandelier?

Stages of installing a chandelier

Installing a new chandelier can be tricky, especially for a DIY beginner. Take advantage of this guide to successfully install your light fixture.

Lighting can be an important aesthetic asset for your interior. This is particularly the case with chandeliers. They come in different designs to suit your lighting and taste requirements. However, their installation is not as practical as that of a simple light bulb. That is why, in this article, we guide you through the installation of this particular light fixture.



  • 1 Choose a quality chandelier in your style
  • 2 Remove the old fixture and disconnect the wires
  • 3 Install the new chandelier following the manufacturer's instructions
  • 4 Reconnect wires and secure fixture cover


Choose a quality chandelier in your style

In the lighting market, you will find a wide range of chandeliers, so it is never easy to make your choice. You can't just consider its design. Other technical criteria must be taken into account so that you can benefit from a model adapted to your interior.

The style of the chandelier

The lighting market is booming today. You will no longer be limited in your choices, especially in terms of style. Because a pendant light wants to be a centerpiece of your room , you must take care of its design. To escape the traditional crystal model, you can install a chandelier in an original style or in a design that is offset from that of your interior decoration. The mixture of genres will give more cachet to the room.

The type of lighting

The chandelier can be fitted with conventional bulbs or LEDs . Your choice will be made according to the volume to be illuminated. It will take optimum power to be able to illuminate the whole room without producing a blinding light. In general, LED chandeliers provide soft lighting. They are also trendy models. Alternatively, you can install energy-saving compact fluorescent or halogen bulbs in a warm tone.

The size of the chandelier

The size of a chandelier will be chosen according to the shape and volume of the room in which it will be installed. It is also determined according to the planned installation measures. For a room of about 10 m², you will choose a chandelier 30 to 40 cm in diameter. You can also use this type of light for a child's room, ensuring safety. If the room is larger than 20 m², the chandelier will be at least 60 cm.

How to install a chandelier


Remove the old light fixture and disconnect the wires

To prepare for the installation of your new chandelier, you must remove the old lighting. To ensure your safety, be sure to turn off the power supply to the room concerned. To do this, you will activate the circuit breaker concerned. Then check that the operation was successful by raising the switch connected to the light. We also recommend wearing protective gloves for added assurance.

Once all the safety rules have been complied with, you can proceed to the dismantling of the old luminaire. If it is a ceiling light, you must unscrew the porthole first. You can then remove the bulb. This will give you access to the cache, the part that protects the electrical wires. The latter will have to be removed so that the electrical connectors can be released. Before unplugging them, remember to check with a tester, as a precaution, the presence of electricity.

You can now disconnect the electrical wires from the old light fixture. To do this, you can unscrew the connectors or unclip them depending on the model. In the case of a ceiling light or other suspensions, you still have to remove the metal strap. Your fixture can then be removed.


Install the new chandelier following the manufacturer's instructions

To be able to install your new luminaire, you must have a handyman's hand to ensure a solid hold of the equipment. This operation will depend on the type of fixing of your chandelier. This can be of the classic type or a recessed box. In any case, you will refer to the instructions given by the manufacturer . For good reason, the model of luminaire you have chosen may require specific provisions, especially if it is a recent model.

Since your installation is classic, that is to say that only the wires come out of the ceiling, you must create a fixing system for your new chandelier. You will therefore have to install a suspension dowel by drilling in the ceiling. The number of dowel insertion holes to be drilled will depend on the model of chandelier to be installed. Another option is to change the bar present on the new luminaire so that the installation of the fixing can be simplified.

On the other hand, if your installation benefits from a DLC (Lighting Connection Devices), the installation of the chandelier is facilitated, even if it is heavy. Note, however, that if your new chandelier has its own connection box, it will be recessed directly into the ceiling, without requiring any other device.

How to install a chandelier


Reconnect the wires and secure the light fixture cover

To allow your chandelier to illuminate the room, it must be connected to the electrical circuit through the connections already in place. Whether you have a simple ignition switch or a two-way circuit, you have 3 wires to connect the luminaire to the electrical panel . The blue wire is the neutral. You also have a red, black or brown wire which represents the phase. Finally, the yellow or green wire is the ground wire.

The connection of the circuit wires to the luminaire requires the use of dominoes, Wago terminals or XTP connectors. Beforehand, you will need to strip the wires of the chandelier to 10 cm. You will then insert them in the dedicated slots at the level of the aforementioned equipment. You will do the same with the wires at the level of the electrical circuit. You will secure them by tightening the screw or by using the lever, depending on the connection system you are using. Once done, all you need to do is hang the chandelier and attach the fixture cover.

In the case of a DLC system, the wires must be inserted into the box. To make the connection, you will use the terminal block. The neutral wire will be placed at the level of the "N", the phase wire, facing the "L", and the ground wire will be positioned in the center. To complete the installation, you will only have to connect the chandelier to the housing.

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